At Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics, all five of our doctors have extensive experience providing Invisalign treatment to our patients — making us the #1 provider of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in the state of Indiana. Our doctors, in fact, have successfully treated more patients with Invisalign than 99 percent of doctors in North America.

Part of the reason for that success has been the step-by-step process we have created for our patients to follow when getting Invisalign treatment at our practice. And in our experience, the patients who follow these seven steps see the best results in the quickest way possible for their personalized treatment plan.

STEP 1: Receive Your Complimentary Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation that consists of an oral examination, digital x-rays and photos, as well as a detailed discussion on the different treatment options — including Invisalign. In many cases, we can even begin treatment that same day.

STEP 2: Get Your Customized Invisalign Treatment Plan

Once you decide to move forward with Invisalign, we use our digital scanner to make a precise 3D model of your mouth, allowing us to create a customized treatment plan that shifts your teeth into the right place over 1-2 years.

STEP 3: Receive Your New Aligners

Next, you receive your clear, plastic Invisalign aligners to wear these for at least 20 hours per day — removing only for eating and brushing or flossing your teeth. If you play sports, we suggest wearing a mouthguard in order to protect your teeth and aligners.

How Invisalign Works to Straighten Your Teeth

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STEP 4: Replace Aligners Every 1-2 Weeks

To reduce the amount of force we put on your teeth, we gradually shift your teeth in stages by giving you new aligners every 1-2 weeks. Sometimes, we need to adjust the timing and direction of your treatment, but we always keep you informed on where we stand at every stage of the treatment process.

STEP 5: Attend a Check-Up Every 12 Weeks

We recommend visiting our orthodontic offices every 12 weeks for a check-up. During this appointment, we evaluate the progress of your treatment and discuss any necessary changes.

STEP 6: Make Dental Hygiene a Priority

During your Invisalign journey, we recommend brushing and flossing regularly, in order to maintain a healthy smile. Additionally, we strongly recommend you follow a regular six-month cleaning with your dentist.

STEP 7: Enjoy Your New Smile

Finally — and this might be the most important step — share your new smile with the world once your Invisalign treatment concludes! We hope that you experience a new level of confidence and enjoy showing off your smile more than ever.

If you’ve ever been told Invisalign cannot work for your situation, we specialize in complex cases for teens and adults, and we’d love to talk with you about your options.

If you’re curious in learning more about Invisalign or in starting treatment, please reach out to schedule your initial complimentary consultation. We look forward to helping you become the healthiest version of yourself!

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