When you select traditional braces to straighten your teeth and give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, there’s no reason to keep your personality from shining through! Adding a pop of color is the perfect way to make your braces your own. The elastic bands that surround the metal or ceramic brackets come in a variety of colors and give you the opportunity to express yourself. Need help narrowing your options? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a breakdown of what your braces colors may say about you:

Red Braces

Drawn to fire truck red? You might be passionate, fiery, loving, and courageous. Red is a bold color, and your braces are the perfect opportunity to showcase your spunk!

Pink Braces

Delicate and demure, pink braces communicate that you are charming, gentle, and even secretive.

Orange Braces

Flamboyant and lively, orange braces are sure to make a bold statement.

Yellow Braces

Do you tend to get lost in daydreams? Yellow braces are the perfect choice for dreamers and perfectionists alike.

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Green Braces

Loyal, supportive, and true, green is an emotional color that conveys friendship and stability.

Blue Braces

Is blue your favorite color? You’re not alone! Blue resonates with many people and signifies depth, compassion, and creativity.

Purple Braces

If you err on the side of intrigue, purple braces might be the choice for you. Purple conveys mystery and imagination, and your smile will keep friends on their toes.

Black Braces

Your black braces mean business! They show that you’re decisive, serious, and strong.

Clear Braces

Lovers of white or clear braces might be described as purists or perfectionists and are simple and to the point.

Regardless of what your braces colors say about you, one thing is certain: there’s no wrong choice to add a pop to your pout!

At Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics, our mission is to create smiles that fit your life and customizing your braces to your personality. We have a solution for every smile. Let’s meet and talk about it!

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